One tool is enough to download all the videos!

The easiest way to download the video you want from any source to the desired format.
View the video you will download.
Decide on the quality of the video.
Choose which format you will download.
Download it to your computer for free!

You don't need to use a program to download videos to your computer.

Detector Video detects video content on the web page you are viewing and allows you to download it. Just click on the Detector Video icon in the browser bar.

Easy to use

Install the tool in your browser and click on the tool icon on the video page.

Choose what you desire

You can download your video in dozens of different formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI, FLV.

Secure content

We just download the video you want. We do not allow any malicious software.

User Comments

Mary B.

I wouldn't have thought that I can download the video I want with just a browser tool without using any program. Bravo actually!

John C.

I can download videos in more formats than I thought. Moreover, I even decide the quality of the video. Thank you.

Sarah P.

How do you manage to be this fast? You are very good at this and always stay like this. I convey my love to all your team.

Steven M.

I am not dealing with malware because this tool focuses on downloading videos directly. This is beautiful.

Alina C.

I have to install cartoons on my mobile for my child, this is a good solution for this job. It makes my job very easy.

Ryan H.

It downloads videos really fast. I've been downloading it through a program before, but it wasn't that fast.

Denise R.

It's super great that it allows automatic detection and download of videos on websites. Thanks to the Detector Video team.

Miguel G.

I compared it with alternatives and gave it up to use Detector Video. There is a noticeable speed difference.

Cassandra A.

I use only this tool since I have confirmed that the videos I downloaded do not contain harmless software.

Stewart F.

It is very simple to use. It has a useful interface and has a lot of options for video. I think it is very successful.

Patricia W.

When I was looking for a program to download videos to use in my presentation, I saw that I could do this without a program. It is quite practical.

Peter H.

I haven't had internet in my home for a while. I download the videos I want to watch with Detector Video in the office and watch them at home.

Marilyn D.

It is a great freedom to download a video in any format you want. I would like to thank those who contributed to this.

Bernard W.

I download the videos quickly to watch them in my car. I have been using it for a long time, I recommend it.

Frequently asked questions

Due to the privacy and copyright policies set by Google and Youtube, we cannot allow downloading videos from Youtube. Yet, you can easily download videos from all websites except for Youtube by using Detector Video.
Detector Video gives you the freedom to download videos for free. You can download videos and enjoy your video without any charges.
As a secure browser tool, Detector Video does not pose any threat to your computer. You can download your videos easily without hesitation and be sure of the security of your computer.
With Detector Video, which offers easy and free video download service, you do not need to create an account to start downloading videos. Just add the tool to your browser to start your unforgettable video experiences.
To download videos with Detector Video, go to the page where you want to download the video after installing the tool. Afterwards, when you start the video, you can start downloading the video by clicking the colored Detector icon next to the browser URL line.
There may have been taken Special precautions for not downloading the video in question, or the download of the video may have been blocked by the video owner. Trying to find the same video from websites without download barriers is an alternative solution that we are suggesting to you.
You can contact us on the Contact Form page to report any questions, requests and problems that you cannot find in the Mostly Asked Questions. Your questions will be answered clearly as soon as possible.